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Conveyor Belt Repair

Conveyor Belt Fabrication Services

Below is a partial list of services we provide our customers. Because of our experience and diversified capabilities, we are able to offer an impressive variety of belt fabrication services, such as:

  • Hot Belt Splicing:  We have the expertise to effectively execute the challenging process of hot belt splicing though vulcanization, which involves the precise application of heat and pressure.
  • Lacing: Our expert belting services also includes checking, repairing and, if necessary, replacing the lacing so the belt ends are properly attached.
  • Perforating: We can expertly perforate your conveyor belts to facilitate the proper flow of air that is essential for belting applications in vacuum or drying operations.
  • Hole Punching: Our belting equipment includes state-of-the-art belt punches that enable us to create precise holes in your belts in accordance with your diagrams for your specialized applications.
  • Finger Splicing Endless Mono-Filament belting in-house.